The hamster is buried under many blankets. It is 6:42 in the morning. Outside the sky is gray. The sunflowers in the hamster's garden have all died.

The hamster leaves the bed and goes to clean itself. Inside the hamster's shower is a bottle of organic cruelty-free shampoo, a bottle of cruelty-free lemon wash, and a small green poof. The hamster puts the cruelty-free lemon wash on the green poof and moves it around the hamster's body very quickly. The hamster's arms are its body. The hamster then takes the cruelty-free shampoo and puts some in its paw and moves its hands very quickly around its face. The hamster watches the suds disappear into the drain as it rinses them from its fur. The bathtub is very clean and pale. The hamster is very clean and pale.

Next the hamster walks to the kitchen. The hamster eats two forkfuls of pasta made from organic soybeans that the hamster prepared the night before. Inside the hamster pantry are three boxes of organic soybean pasta that the pale white hamster's friend sent as a gift. The pale white hamster's friend is a panda hamster with black fur and big eyes that become very shiny whenever the panda hamster is sad.

One time the hamster friends were walking in New York City. They went to Whole Foods to shoplift. The pale white hamster got caught shoplifting. The panda hamster once said "any hamster who gets caught stealing is stupid." The panda hamster made the pale white hamster feel sad and ashamed. He said "any hamster who gets caught stealing is stupid," after the pale white hamster was able to leave Whole Foods. A few weeks later the panda hamster was also caught stealing. Neither hamster discussed much about it.

Both hamsters are writers. Both hamsters write poetry and short stories. The panda hamster writes poems and stories that focus around feeling existentially challenged. The panda hamster's poetry and stories are very good. The pale hamster writes pointless stories with no meanings or ideas, and pointless poems with no meanings or ideas. The pale hamster is bad at writing but feels consoled by it.

The pale white hamster walks to the bus stop. On the bus the hamster presses its face against the window. When the bus shakes the hamster's face hits the window hard. The hamster sits on the bus quietly and with a neutral expression while its face is hit against the window. The hamster is going to work.

The hamster works as a janitor for a preschool. There are fourteen baby hamsters in the preschool. The hamster hates its job. While the hamster is mopping up some vomit, it stares over at the baby hamsters. In an effort to calm down the baby hamsters, their teacher sets up plates and puts animal crackers on the plates and pours each baby hamster a glass of apple juice. The baby hamsters scream and run over to the crackers and apple juice and begin eating loudly. One severely disillusioned red baby hamster stays in the corner of the room and stares at the other baby hamsters. He is standing by the door. He pushes his face to the glass on the door and looks at the things outside. The pale white hamster feels terribly depressed while watching the red baby hamster but also feels a little consoled. When the pale white hamster was a baby hamster it jumped and spun off things while pretending to be an ice skater in preschool. The pale white hamster thinks of this, then feels embarrassed of itself and jealous of the red hamster.

After work the hamster walks to the bus stop and gets back on the bus. The hamster pushes its face against the window of the bus and lets its face hit against the window. The hamster closes its eyes and feels calm as its face rhythmically hits against the window.