Jan 20
megan just peed on the marcy projects

Jan 20
does anybody even like being happy

Jan 23
wearing 3 pairs of tights & socks & a shirt & a dress & a sweater & a hoodie & a floor length coat & a scarf & a hat & 2 pairs of gloves

Jan 28
don't know if this is semen or cocaine on my bed sheets

Jan 30
being the only one left panicking on twitter late at night is like being the last person asleep at a slumber party

Jan 30
seems i have disappointed my entire family via twitter

Feb 1
megan is peeing on a cop car

Feb 2
feel like ive been anticipating the day i get to stop eating forever. like, i will reach a certain age and my body wont need food anymore

Feb 3
beyonce ruined the superbowl with her powerful ass

Feb 4
i wanna watch some shit with michelle williams, that bitch is sad

Feb 12
worried abt obama

Feb 18
need adderall to be motivated enough to call my dad

Mar 6
cleaned up spattered beer using only my towel while still suckling on 16 oz budweiser

Mar 10
said 'heads we buy crack, tails we dont buy crack' then the coin landed on tails like ~5x, god is fucking me

Mar 16
hungry hungry retards

Mar 17
made a rule that i have to stop drinking coffee by 5pm while planning to buy as many amphetamines as i can afford later tonight

Mar 20
i love mayonnaise

Mar 23
if i dont shower in the next ~30 min while im peaking on this coffee then i probably wont shower again for a week

Mar 31
feel incapable of having thoughts that arent just 3 unrelated words strung together [ex. iphone...kitchen...suicide, pillow...mira...candy]

Apr 2
went to the grocery store and bought 1 cucumber with my debit card

Apr 6
thought something like 'i can't wait to go home and tweet a lot' while buying candy & beer at 7/11 for maybe the 10th time this week

Apr 8
crack is fine

Apr 11
anyone want to fuck my face then murder me, the catch is you have to put your dick in my face before you murder me, bad deal

Apr 25
i should have gone to buffalo wild wings or something

May 1
in this episode of curb your enthusiasm larry david is going to a doctors office in the same building where i attended high school

May 7
saw a child make a quick escape from his stroller & run free before pausing in front of me then crying out of confusion/horror

May 12
my mom birthed me out of her vagina in a bed in an apartment in los angeles and now im this

May 14
feel like a little kid repeatedly/aggressively telling my mom im not tired bc im so overtired that im not aware of my tiredness

Jun 10
i want more chicken

Jun 12
meatloaf fuck town ima pass out

Jun 14
its significantly easier for me to buy crack cocaine than to prove to the government i live in new york

Jun 22
in my wallet rn i have advil, advil pm, dayquil, nyquil, cocaine, benadryl, [nondescript white pill], claritin, tylenol

Jun 26
there is candy in the vending machine but it is far and i am confused

Jul 2
intern sprinted towards me then monologued at me about the weather while i was crying behind sunglasses & silently binge eating ice cream