8:10 AM Noah: you are there
  or you not there
  no one is there
 me: mm
 Noah: a rattle snake scurries across the carpet
 me: brandon is here
 Noah: you read that book i posted
 me: oh
  its good
 Noah: is it okay
8:11 AM me: i read an excerpt to my friend aloud
  i tried to emulate your voice
  he laughed alot
  we could barely get through it
 Noah: no one will publish it because there is no sex and does not list music bands
 me: not because of the voice emulaton
  because of the content
  write a section on sex
  that would be good
 Noah: they say, "give me sex and music band names"
8:12 AM me: write a section on sex
 Noah: noah cicero eats donkey shit and jerks off on his mother's face
 me: just
  insert sex scenes
 Noah: sex pistols romones
  you spent time with tao lin
  how was thati
  i have spent time with tao lin
8:13 AM me: it was comforting
 Noah: yes good word
  he doesn't talk much
 me: how did you like spending time with him
  no he doesnt
 Noah: it was nice
  he doesn't talk much
 me: i was a little scared
  but i understood
 Noah: he told me my feet smelled and i will never get laid because my feet smell
  and then he sprayed perfume onm y feet
 me: he told me
8:14 AM i had nice shoes
  we watched a movie
  on my couch
 Noah: like the whore in the bible
 me: mary
 Noah: no
 me: mary magdeline
8:15 AM Noah: when jesus goes to see the sanhedren, a random whore comes in and washes jesus' feet with perfume
 me: that was mary
  and then she dries his feet with her hair
 Noah: who knows
 me: i think i remember
 Noah: yeah,, that is really dramatic
 me: i always thought
  that was strange
8:16 AM Noah: there is some really dramatic shit in the bible
 me: there are good battles
  there is one
  where someone, a guy, he has to hold up his arms
  and wherever his arms are pointing, the soldiers in that direction will start winning
8:17 AM but if he drops his arms or points them in another direction they will start losing
 Noah: i dont' recall that part
  old testament
 me: i dont know where it is
 Noah: ?
 me: maybe its there
  i just remember being taught things
 Noah: are you jewish
  i'm not jewish
 me: i am nothing
8:18 AM but, my parents made me go to church as catholic
  when i was young
  it was stupid, they
  they didnt even believe in it
  but they made me go for some reason
 Noah: you live in seasttle
 me: yes
 Noah: have you been to eugene oregon
 me: no
 Noah: i've been there like four times
  i like it there
8:19 AM me: should i go there
 Noah: have you fucked any of the suicide girls
  i don't know
 me: mm
 Noah: seatttle might be nice
 me: i kissed one i think
 Noah: that is awesome
 me: it was before suicide girls got big
  its not as cool now
 Noah: no itis cool
 me: seattle is ok
  i dont know
8:20 AM taos post about me gave me like 5000% increase in hits
 Noah: he gets 800 hits a day
  he is like blog god
 me: i know
8:21 AM that is crazy
 Noah: do you have stat coutner
 me: yeah
  i am looking
  i get like
  a day
  on average
 Noah: i get like 200 to 300
 me: i saw yours
  tao showed me when he was here
8:22 AM Noah: i'm not blogging until soft skull tellls me if i am goiing to be famous or nott
 me: who
  who is that
 Noah: soft skull
  that indie press
 me: where did you get the diet pill speed
  where did bernice get it
 Noah: mega t
  from bernice
 me: i cant fined it
  i went to like
  3 stores
 Noah: rite aide
 me: rite aid.
 Noah: you like diet pills
 me: i will go tehere
8:23 AM i dont know
  i am bored
  filling a void
 Noah: do you work or go to college
  what do you do
 me: i need to finish my novel
 Noah: to fill the days
  you are writing a novel
 me: i go to work writing bullshit things
 Noah: what is it about
  what is your job
 me: writer
  the novel excerpt
  its on my blog
  tao made a post
  look at his blog to see more
8:24 AM my job is to write things like
 Noah: okay
  i have two days off
 me: "discover the feeling"
  thats good
 Noah: i work today
  then two days
  i work to make the money
  to get the lap dances
  to get the boners
8:25 AM me: i dont know
  what about
  that you cant fuck them
  i got mad
  about a lap dance
 Noah: no that is good
 me: i dont like them for that reason
 Noah: fucking people can get complicated
  they are in your house
  and saying stupid shit
 me: ha
 Noah: you don't want to hear
8:26 AM me: forget the other things
 Noah: and you are like, "fuck, this bitch won't shut up." or they are fucking you and they start talking about when their uncle fucked them
 me: you have a boner
 Noah: and a lot of people want to ahve an emotional investment
 me: you can not act on that boner
 Noah: not right now
  the boner will go away
 me: but
  it was there
  for a reason
 Noah: go home masturbate to inernet porn, it is a lot safer
 me: to have sex
 Noah: internet porn cannot get pregnant
 me: the boner doesnt think that
8:27 AM i dont know
  lap dances only make me frustrated
  i only had like
 Noah: i've had many
  they get better as time goes by
8:28 AM you realize you are getting older and it is safer to pay for love than actually to deal with it for free
  i'm weird though, and i gotta go,
  it was nice talking to you
  thank you for reading my book
 me: have a good day at work
  yore welom

11 minutes
8:40 AM Noah: i read the excerot
  i like it
  do you read kathy acjer
8:41 AM me: mm
  what did she write
  thank you
  for the compliment
 Noah: black tarnatula
  she is good
  she is dead now
 me: i havent heard of it
  shes dead
  i will get it
  i will steal it
8:42 AM Noah: yeah
  i'm goiing to read your blog more
 me: ok