'Breathing meat' is a good description for anyone.

Hands and feet bloody from the sharp terrain of everyones bullshit.

Falling over backwards from the weight of holding onto worlds that cant be shared.

Alienating someone by repeating what they say.

Alienating someone by agreeing.

A funny/refreshing way to think about your current actions is to imagine a person in the future reading it to someone else.

Returning to active thinking after involuntarily thinking about using a shoulder-mounting rocket launcher to shoot a dinosaur in the face.

Which means, hey what's up.

Death by tying a rope to a high treebranch, then around your neck, then jumping out of a tree into a slide and going down the slide and not dying.

Love at first sight with an acne-faced teenager walking down the street holding a miniature car in his hand and talking to it then putting it up to his ear to listen to the response.

The courage to prize your shit self for even one minute.

A prize taped forever to the back of your head.

Forever trying to fix the speakers between my head and mouth but like, not really.

Life like the only reality is waking up every couple days for ten seconds in the seat of a car that's skidding off a snowy road.

Life like all else is you half asleep, shoveling off that road.

Wishing you were never born, you deprive yourself of being able to wish for it and you suck.

You fucking suck, you really do.

My mind over your mind and then back again and no one is winning but you think you are and I know I'm not.

Depress-O the Magnificent.


A continent-sized sprinkler connected to a pipeline of lava.

An endless ladder where each rung disappears after you step off it.

Blowing kisses to yourself in the mirror.

Mouthing, 'fuck you' right up against a mirror.

Falling apart as a defense mechanism.

Putting someone back together to ensure they get it.

Painful periods of no self worth.

Painful periods of high self worth.

The old you jumping just high enough to say, 'hi' over and over to the new you on a higher platform.

The old you reach up to grab the ankles of the new you and pull it down.

Punching yourself in the face hard enough to break through and pat yourself on the back.

Because you earned it.

Screaming, 'Stop!' in your head then looking around to see if anyone else heard it.

Looking for someone who hears it.

Seconds of life that change years.

Years that add up to seconds.

Mourning a you you hated by denying it.

Viewing someone who's vomiting as having, 'read your mind'

Pissblasting off shit streaked on a public toilet.

Your fake life passed off to all others to endure.

Resorting to the same fakeness to deal with you.