2:58 AM Brandon: did you meet the chick
3:00 AM me: she texted she would be 15 minutes late
  i texted i wasn't feeling social and was going to the library
  i ate 6 eggs ~20 minutes ago
 Brandon: 2x damn
3:01 AM i finished masturbating
 me: im reading raymond carver bio
  seems funny
 Brandon: was he depressed/alcoholic
 me: 'ray confided to carlile that he wasn't working. the resulting lassitude in turn prompted him to think about traveling to exotic destrinations or buying new cars or houses'
  yes, both
 Brandon: damn, interesting
  gordon lish
3:02 AM the spectre of gordon lish
 me: damn
3:03 AM Brandon: am i still online
3:04 AM me: yes
 Brandon: sweet
3:06 AM me: 'back in the states, ray had to face clouds that had formed on his horizon'
 Brandon: laying on my side in bed watching southpark through ear buds
 me: 'lol'
 Brandon: weird
  seems like a 5th grader wrote that
3:07 AM me: ' "everybody wants some of my bacon, " ray groused to leonard michaels '
 Brandon: damn, lol
  he seems like a rapper
 me: seems im having a good time
3:09 AM 'in early march, ray read in the evening paper that he'd won a $2000 NEA grant'
  'carver considered using the last poem in the book, "drinking while driving," as its title piece'
3:10 AM Brandon: seems like he had a sweet life
3:11 AM me: someone wrote a satire or something
  calling his book that was called 'will you please be quiet, please' 'will you shut the fuck up?'
3:12 AM Brandon: when was this bio written
  wish i had more new emails
 me: it came out last month i think
 Brandon: damn
 me: he first published a story in esquire when he was 32
 Brandon: seems like what i remember of yates
3:13 AM me: imagine a bio where someone's first published story is at electric lit
  starting their career
 Brandon: bukowski was first published by some shitty weirdly named magazine
 me: just sneezed, snot shot out, onto headphones and a shirt
 Brandon: damn
3:14 AM are you at the library
 me: no, home
 Brandon: i keep 'sensing' electric lit is going to give me 1k
 me: extra sensory perception
 Brandon: i keep 'sensing' it
3:15 AM me: damn
  imagining a bio of you
  with that
  seems sweet
 Brandon: tonight seemed 'extra boring'
 me: 'brandon informed friends before his acceptance that he had "sensed" it"
 Brandon: damn
3:16 AM i thought of a bio of me
  seems entertaining
 me: seems sweet
 Brandon: i made up with gabby
 me: brandon spoke of a cross-eyed thai he had 'touched'
 Brandon: lol
3:17 AM me: damn, what's status now
 Brandon: damn, theyre making an avatar video game
  god damn itg
  i need a video game system
 me: damn
 Brandon: i dont know why i didnt ask for that for xmas
 me: damn
3:18 AM Brandon: gabby, i dont know
 me: he got 2 years probation for lying to get unemployment payments
 Brandon: damn
  is that raymond carver or your idea of my future bio
 me: carver bio
3:19 AM Brandon: raymond
  im running out of money
 me: part III is called 'success and discontent'
3:20 AM Brandon: god damn bitches
 me: it cost $38 w/ tax
  going to return after reading
 Brandon: have you read the herzog book
3:21 AM seems like it might be really abstract
 me: no
 Brandon: 'sensing ' it
 me: i opened it once, and saw a funny quotable sentence, in the style of one i've quoted to you tonight
  and shared it with sarah, in a moment
 Brandon: herzogo
3:22 AM me: damn
 Brandon: herzog titties
 me: 'the year 1969 seemed to be more than just the closing act of a decade'
3:23 AM Brandon: i feel unable to comprehend that
  a whole year as a closing act
  i guess that makes sense
 me: damn, feels like i'm 'done' with this bio
  just closed it
3:24 AM Brandon: damn
  do anything interesting today
 me: no
3:25 AM i said no
 Brandon: invis
  the southpark im watching has harrison ford getting ass raped by stephen speilberg and george lucas three times
3:26 AM me: thought 'nice'
 Brandon: seems like i want french fries really bad
3:27 AM me: jeffrey heart is coming to nyc ed
  gonna eat unhealthy foods with him
  i foresee
 Brandon: is he moving here
 me: i dont think so
3:28 AM Brandon: hope black balloon publishes my novel so i have an excuse to go to NY
 me: that would be good
3:31 AM just emailed sarah
 Brandon: seems like i would have a really good, calm, comforting time playing avatal all night
  about what
 me: just normally responding to emails
 Brandon: oh
3:32 AM me: hope i can place this short story i'm working on in a major magazine for 'megabucks'
 Brandon: have you considered playboy
  seems good re failing marriage theme
3:33 AM me: not realy, but ill send there, yeah
 Brandon: where will you send
3:34 AM me: yeah when i finish
3:35 AM Brandon: what are the places you will send
 me: new yorker, harper's
 Brandon: how much do those pay, do you know
 me: cant really think of places currently
  feel less than 1% chance of success
3:36 AM probably between $2-$4 a word
 Brandon: damn
  damn so like 12k?
  12 to 24k?
 me: yeah
3:37 AM Brandon: jesus christ
  i had no idea
 me: i might be wrong
  i'm 'sure' the new yorker is more than $2 a word
 Brandon: has lydia davis gotten in the new yorker
 me: if i make $20k ill pay for a nyc visit for you
  muumuu house funded
 Brandon: damn, good
 me: i think just a few times
  or like once orsomething
3:38 AM Brandon: frederick B
 me: i'm feeling 'chipper' for some reason
 Brandon: has he been in it, do you know
 me: maybe cholesteral in eggs
 Brandon: i thought 'chipper as hell' in a gangster tone
3:39 AM i assume that friends call frederick barthelme 'fred'
  never had previously considered that
3:40 AM me: they call him 'rick'
  yeah, i'm pretty sure
  you were wrong
 Brandon: rick
  damn, surprising
  seems more logical to call him fred
3:41 AM me: it does
  fred e rick
  damn, only an 'e'
  separates it
 Brandon: lol
 me: bran-don
3:42 AM Brandon: tao
 me: gonna go look at electric lit's site
 Brandon: me too
3:43 AM those bitches 'better' accept my story
  5 stories an issue
  seems impossible to get accepted
3:44 AM me: they've spent $10k already paying writers
  seems unsustainable
3:45 AM seems you would have an advantage
 Brandon: hope i get paid
 me: being young
3:46 AM they want to 'make sure that the media gap is bridged in a way that preserves and honors literature'
  seems smart to publish a person with an internet presence
 Brandon: seems like i have a good chance, yes
  i guess
  read victoria trotts blog tongiht
3:47 AM saw her face for first time
 me: damn
 Brandon: didnt realize she had all those photos on her facebook
  wondered this whole time
 me: damn
 Brandon: like a year or something
 me: damn
  any thoughts
 Brandon: seems alright
  her breasts look good in the lydia davis photo
3:48 AM me: damn
 Brandon: other photos in facebook i was unattracted
  your thoughts
 me: i feel i have no notable or unexpected thoughts
 Brandon: interesting
 me: abut that
3:49 AM electric lit
 Brandon: what
  lit bitches
 me: damn, see you called lydia davis old
3:50 AM Brandon: yes, she looked old
  she seems old
 me: i saw a photo on an old edition of a book by her
  she looked attractive
 Brandon: her level of success doesnt seem to match with her age
  seems she should be more famous by now
  do you think shes less famous than lorrie M'
3:51 AM 'the big LM'
 me: she's way less famous i think
 Brandon: i felt that too
 me: lorrie moore's new novel seems to be a big time seller
 Brandon: is it a bestseller do you know
 me: she didn't promote herself hard enough perhaps
3:52 AM im not certain, but i think so
 Brandon: what do you think about FB v LD in terms of fame
 me: damn
  maybe about even...unsure really
  overall, averaged over their careers, i would say FB
3:53 AM Brandon: i think FB is more famous, he seems more recognized re university things
 me: people our age seem to know the name 'lydia davis' more
 Brandon: lydia davis
 me: seems like a good name
 Brandon: lydia davis seems alienated from her peers
3:54 AM without knowing anything about her relationships
 me: damn, after reading that, seemed like a 'revelation'
  i view her differently
  sort of
 Brandon: seems cool
3:55 AM i saw 'seems chill' in caps
 me: have you read 'the end of the story'
 Brandon: yes
  you sent it to me, bro
3:56 AM me: did you like it
 Brandon: yes
  there was one part i didnt like
  but i liked 90 percent
 me: what part
  damn, megan boyle tweeted a funny tweet
3:57 AM Brandon: damn, i didnt get it,
  i dont remember defollowing her
3:58 AM me: meganboyle

during dinner i said, "there is a $20 beef fajis." meant to say, "there is a $20 fee to check bags."
 Brandon: the part where she goes on a walk, or something, and talks about the scenery of the road for what seems like a really long time
 me: damn
 Brandon: damn
 me: i didnt' like that part either
  i mean, it was just boring
 Brandon: yeah
  i felt like i wanted to stop reading the whole time
  during that
3:59 AM me: damn
4:00 AM Brandon: i think this person http://twitter.com/MissKimball is some kind of strange internet robot controlled by a man that uploads pictures of similar looking blond young girls and maintains her presence for hits, or something
  i stared at information about this person for what felt like a long time feeling very confused
 me: i have had strange thoughts about her
  i looked her up
  she seems to be some person
 Brandon: did you see youtube videos of her
  they dont make sense
 me: she seems real
4:01 AM Brandon: i feel suspicious
 me: yeah
  i dont know
  haven't considered your theory
  seems scary
 Brandon: yeah
  "@lydiadavis Sorry, bro. You don't want to be watching that anyway. It's just stupid guys talking shit the whole movie."
  seems masculine
 me: would someone do that though
  so many sweets
4:02 AM Brandon: "@lydiadavis I loved your poem 'sometimes i go places'. Especially the line 'i will drive to the ocean'. So beautiful, pure and austere." seems like a highly sarcastic, bitter man pissed off about dealing with 'internet losers' all day would say that
 me: i just did somehing
  i accidentally tumbld a screen shot of justin's face, instead of something else
 Brandon: damn
 me: damn, seems funny
 Brandon: lol
4:03 AM seems random, like that would happen in another dimension
  if it hadnt had happened in this dimension
 me: memories of sending you screen shot of porn
4:04 AM Brandon: i thought of making porn with gabby today to make money
 me: sounds good
4:07 AM Brandon: my internet went out
  so tired of this internet
4:08 AM me: internet being unreliable piece of shit for me
4:09 AM Brandon: Tao: sounds good
Sent at 1:04 AM on Tuesday
me: my internet went out
so tired of this internet
Sent at 1:07 AM on Tuesday
Tao: internet being unreliable piece of shit for me
 me: that's all i said
4:10 AM Brandon: damn
4:11 AM me: damn
 Brandon: sup

32 minutes
4:43 AM me: good night