May 22
the desire to die around the end of the day is where sleep comes from i reckon

May 23
one day i'm going to instinctually think "it doesn't matter i'm just a kid" but i'll be like 45 years old and will have to go from there

Jun 6
people who get along with their families should be put in forced labor camps

Jun 10
i get so scared every time coworker named joohwi kim signs her emails "jk"—she signs all of her emails this way

Jun 12
feeling like i should spend a lot of money. nothing is appealing. wish there was a store of things called 'david store' i could browse......

Jul 9
difficult to imagine a future in which masturbation could solve all the problems it seemed to solve ~6-11 years ago. now i'm crying a little

Jul 31
punching myself in the face walking from park slope to home did not seem as effective as it has at other times in my life

Aug 6
only part about buddhism i can get with is the part about suffering

Aug 6
nobody ever kills me

Aug 6
haven't seen a homeless person give another homeless person a blow job in tompkins square park in broad daylight in almost six years

Aug 14
"i wish i knew how to quit you" -me to social media

Aug 16
the egg bucket challenge in which one pours a bucket of raw egg yolks over one's head to build awareness for salmonella would be cool

Aug 19
i can only assume nobody has killed me still

Aug 19
it's difficult to be comforted by the fact that i'm not 30 when in some timeline or parallel timeline or something i'm not accessing i am 30

Sep 7
turn the hate in your heart into resentment for the people you blame for not adhering to your idea of what would amount to a better life

Sep 11
in the future, age will be measured by the time you started using social media

Sep 15
my theory is there is only a limited amount of intelligence in the universe so when new children are born everybody else becomes more stupid

Sep 17
when somebody asks you where you're going, you can say "to die" and they are too

Sep 18
before you can imagine having revenge sex w/ all your high school teachers, first you need to know what revenge sex is.. what is revenge sex

Sep 18
i've found so much identity in depression and self-hatred that i think like in order to feel happy i can't be happy... only full of memories

Sep 20
if you're happy, if you feel good. . . . i don't respect you

Sep 30
i used to think about jumping through glass a good amount ~2 months ago. i don't miss the feeling but i do find it interesting

Oct 1
idea for a short story: dude who loves to check his privilege's dick slowly turns into a butterfly and flies away

Oct 3
don't tell me if something is important

Oct 3
keep your friends far away and your enemies even farther away

Oct 5
the main emotion i feel toward my cat is envy

Oct 6
i want to live in a mental hospital

Oct 6
i take it all back. you can all be depressed, horrible life or not horrible life... be free to feel horrible. this is my gift to you

Oct 6
the fact that cheese melts is something special we can all hold onto

Oct 6
gingers make up 2% of the us population and like 40% of 90s nickelodeon actors

Oct 8
if you're not nostalgic and depressed and imagining how things could be and missing your life how am i supposed to connect with you

Oct 8
i treat everyone wrong but i treat them how i'd like to be treated the golden rule has failed on me

Oct 9
congressional mushroom meeting of 2085: members of senate & house come together to ingest mushrooms & discuss the issues, live on c-span 3

Oct 15
i only wanna be with girls who make me angry

Oct 19
if i could like, punch something and by doing that regain all the beauty that once inhabited my soul i would punch that thing definitely hah!

Oct 21
please explain panic attacks to me. what, you panic? that's just panic, you ass

Oct 24
horror movie in which 6 teens go to a cabin in the woods, hang out, get drunk, do drugs, have sex, go home, grow old, remember better times

Nov 10
if i have any friends that want to open a bar with me i will go for broke doing that. i found some potential properties. i don't want to die

Nov 10
i could be the first person to never die, and i would be comfortable with that. like, like, like... i would be happy making new friends

Nov 10
there is no way it's national cook something bold and pungent day stop trying to hurt me

Nov 10
the thought of being with a not depressed woman is distressing

Nov 10
what if there was a flagship store for misery

Nov 11
wish my parents were artists so i could pretend they weren't

Nov 17
pls make me feel good & then let me not need to make you feel good but know more than anything else that what i want is for you to feel good

Nov 19
i think a lot of things are scams, but i don't think the act of scamming is a scam. i think the act of scamming is interesting/productive?

Nov 20
it's smart that 9/11 truthers are called truthers. it makes it seem more true

Dec 9
when it's making loud weather outside you can let out suffering moans while walking around crying and less people notice

Dec 11
funny how a lot of people are on not-murder streaks. i'm about to break 24 years on my not-murder streak