May 16
Anybody got any hip porn for me to look at

May 26
Calculated that my internship is paying me 64 cents / hour

Jun 5
Almost sneezed out my retainer

Jul 1
Using this face peel mask sample from sephora, smells like shit

Jul 9
Got kicked out of whole foods

Aug 12
i only talk to boys on the internet. sorry

Aug 14
Wish my cat would come sleep next to me instead of just staring from the floor...

Aug 15
~and if i die tonight, then i guess i die tonight~

Sep 3
Young father just told his lil confused son 'it's pretend beef'

Sep 5
My face skin feels fucking fantastic right now

Sep 7
I like the concept of baby carrots much more than I like eating them

Sep 27
Taiwanese grad student coworker is back. R yall lovin these tweets or what

Oct 11
The white girl in my Chinese class always sits apart from 'the rest of us'

Oct 13
Mom emailed me & told me to take 'highly sensitive person' self-test online

Oct 18
literally just introduced myself to a housemate after 1.5months of living in the same house

Oct 28
here is some advice don't make out with your only friend because then you will end up with zero friends

Oct 30
'brenda' is maybe the homeliest name I can think of, rly thankful my name is not Brenda

Oct 31
Can someone write me an email tonight detailing all yr emotional issues so I can read it first thing tmrw.we can trade

Nov 6
neone know if there will still be pumpkin pie milkshakes @sonicdrive_in late december

Nov 11
high carrot consumption today, both in baby and regular form

Nov 10
Wanted to ask cute boy on the train reading consider the lobster to be my bf but just stared at his shoes instead

Nov 12
keep having beer burps even tho I have not drank ne beer recently.lentils?

Nov 26
'wanna c my cock' - guy in the subway, real quietly

Dec 6
this time last year was the worst i had ever felt emotionally. now i am doing alright. hi

Dec 23
rapper name p. needy

Dec 28
my mom has guests over and is telling them i am a 'highly sensitive person' and shes writing a book re 'raising' me

Dec 29
whats up w. tiny ass avocados w. huge ass pits

Dec 30
anorexia seems good

Jan 3
let me tell you about this oatmeal i make