i 'ended up' 'accidentally' eating all of the xanax i bought from you on saturday

i just kept...eating it...

i was with my family all day

i was incredibly high on xanax and i flew around in a helicopter and bought clothes and ate dinner and bought/lost sunglasses

i was like 'what meal is this? is this dinner?' ~7PM w/ my family while eating 2x vegan hot dog & french fries & 1x peak organic beer

fell asleep ~930PM, lol

the next day my mom asked me if i was 'on anything' & i told her i took a lot of anti-anxiety medication because it freaked me out, not being able to mention the reading before or after the reading to her because of her being upset about me missing the play and [other things] and she was like, 'yeah, and you were probably on god knows what or drunk or whatever last night...' while grinning and i said 'i didn't drink...i don't drink...' while grinning then said 'but, yeah...' and she started bringing up things that happened and asking me if i remembered them in a manner like a friend would ask another friend who was fucked up on xanax if they remembered things, it was nice

mother's day...

she told me she wanted me to see a psychiatrist - 'the kind that can prescribe [me] pills' - but that i shouldn't abuse them, lol

it was really good seeing you bro, i had a good time and felt like the reading/after the reading went well

thank you for pre-reading advice/drugs

currently on ~15mg oxy, marijuana, ritalin, caffeine

hope we can hang out after novel


(lol...what if like 'kekjelalaloo nigga' became one of my like, 'salutations' at the end of emails...lol...)