10:54PM Sep 19
internet just closed 'out of nowhere,' felt my face go from neutral to 'intense agony/disbelief' to neutral in ~3 seconds

8:41PM Feb 10
my parents found my twitter account... dad threatened to 'turn off the internet' if i didn't [something]...

4:35PM Feb 12
dreamt i 'scurried' through a shantytown in india, frantically asking the vendors for '45 weapons'

10:01PM Feb 25
thought 'who should i kill next,' while shirtless/looking at myself in the mirror/brushing my teeth

10:26PM Mar 10
'whipped my dick out' while brushing my teeth, 'looked at it in the mirror a little,' maintained a neutral facial expression

12:02PM May 2
repeatedly/calmly thought, 'damn re lower class,' while referring to lower case letters, i think, while standing in the shower

11:26AM Jun 19
repeatedly thought, 'really disappointed via lack of stimulants,' while 'un numbing' my ass/legs via 'shaking motions' after >25 min. 'poop'

1:03PM Jun 19
repeatedly/in a tone and rythmn maybe 'akin' to 'run d.m.c' or 'the beastie boys' thought, 'little italy brand pizza sauce'

12:24PM Jul 1
looked at 'ghetto black girls' myspace pictures ~10 min experiencing high interest levels & (what i hoped to be) ~70% 'unrelated boner...'

3:27PM Jul 9
unsarcastically felt myself thinking, 'life is so hard,' while 'taking a break' from editing my poetry book to put away/count my money

12:11AM Aug 10
absentmindedly 'jacked off my limp penis' while scrolling through gmail, 'completely unaware that i was "jacking off"' ~15 sec...

12:32PM Aug 20
got out of shower & honestly couldn't remember whether or not i 'conditioned' my hair, got back in shower after ~3 min & 'conditioned'...

11:45AM Aug 23
feels like i am floating in an 'orb' made of jelly... 'a jelly orb...' i feel... 'i feel like i am slowly descending in a jelly orb...'