So many years have passed
I'm still a pothead babysitter
Now it's my Jesus year
I think I have become a
somewhat better friend
and daughter, but I think
my brother is mad at me
I don't think I've ever said
'I miss you' to him because
we're not that sort of family
but I could get away with it
in a poem, so: I miss you Alex


love is when
you decide to be dumb
in the face of endless
lessons, you say
I refuse to retain
this information


invite massive amounts
of contradiction into
your heart, just until
the end of this song


Your mom told me to ask
you at breakfast about
the R-rated multiverse movie
but you just said 'leave me alone'

Your meds kicked in and you told me,
'You're not a perfect circle.'
'What?' I said.
'A perfect circle isn't possible in reality,' you said.
'Well, I know a band called "A Perfect Circle,"' I said.
You drank your Lucky Charms
milk and smiled.
'The word "Why" looks like onomatopoeia,' you said.

You were an hour late to school
after I tried everything
including yelling
which almost made you laugh
because I was so bad at it
but also made you respect me


I watched a free video
by a sex guru
and she told me to smile
into my breasts
like a beloved pet
I hadn't seen for days


laughter from another
room feels like
a reminder

stuck in space, but
not forever