hemingway was in two consecutive plane crashes

hemingway's plane crashed but he still wanted to get where he was going so he got on another plane, which exploded on takeoff

hemingway was injured so much, throughout his life

luminal (drug used by jean rhys to 'help her sleep') is what hemingway's granddaughter overdosed on

seems great that almost no one knew hemingway killed himself for the five years after he did it

hemingway presented castro with a fishing trophy

hemingway had a scar on his forehead from where a skylight fell on him, he had confused the skylight cord for the toilet flush cord

doctors in africa repaired hemingway's broken arm with kangaroo tendons

I think hemingway's first wife is my favorite

when hemingway's first wife divorced him he gave her half the royalties to 'the sun also rises'

'the sun also rises' has been in print since 1926

hemingway's father killed himself over financial difficulties three hours before a letter from hemingway arrived offering to help w/r/t money

after hemingway's dad killed himself hemingway said, 'I'll probably go the same way'

hemingway thought the fbi was spying on him in idaho

hemingway received electroshock therapy twice at the mayo clinic, whose records of his visits are 'shrouded in mystery'

hemingway's house in key west was across from a light house, which he said made it easy to find when he was coming home blackout drunk

hemingway wrote a purposefully shitty satirical novel so he could get out of a publishing contract

hemingway was injured in wwi when a mortar hit him while he was carrying chocolate to soldiers on the front line

as a journalist, hemingway commanded a renegade troupe of french resistance people during wwii

it seems hemingway preferred androgynous, caring women