11:37AM Mar 22
smiling uncontrollably, trying to think of thoughts or feelings.

1:06PM Mar 22
stood in the corner of bar trying to remain expressionless, concentrating on concentrating on a hockey game.

11:06PM Mar 24
forgotten atm card in atm spurred 'i don't see how i can overcome one more set back.' then thought about that as a tweet.

11:07PM Mar 24
walking towards mobile on the run i thought 'i can overcome any set back' but then failed to think of examples of set backs.

1:50PM Mar 30
never know what i feel anymore, picture my feelings as a decent quality food court in a mall, but again, don't really know.

10:18PM Mar 30
went and got more pink lemonade and looked out the kitchen window. the sky is pretty now.

7:39PM Apr 6
reading by light from window, felt confidence that i could write a novel enter then leave me.

3:21PM Apr 7
just stared into the wrinkles in my palm and thought 'i want to be asian.'

1:49PM Apr 13
almost typed 'jesus, lamb of god' into the url bar.

10:01PM Apr 20
about to leave work. i feel excitement towards the weather i'm about to encounter. i just thought it'd be cool if my rain jacket was haunted.

11:11PM Apr 20
saw tracy morgan slide his metro card and then get rejected by the turnstile.

7:36PM Apr 29
feel like i'm not sure who i am, or about any of the thoughts i have had. i don't remember anything.

2:14AM May 3
almost put the salt in the sink. what is life?

12:41AM May 11
keep thinking there is a place you can go to get intentionally bitten by a snake to 'spice your life up.'

1:07PM May 13
there are retards in the library. one just sat at the table 'with me.' another retard is bellowing from the balcony.

2:25AM May 16
left bed to get some ice cream and noticed a fog had moved in.