Elon Musk, a genius, a man with a physics degree, said,
"We are living in a computer simulation"

In another reality, there were two creatures.
They didn't look like us.
They had lived in a civilization that had made it
Past posthuman, they invented super computers,
They mathed out consciousness.

Two of these creatures,
Sat at a computer, a supercomputer.
They wanted to create a world,
A world of people, animals, and plants.
Fire, water, air and rock.

The friends had a long discussion:
What should this world consist of?
What will be the truth of this world?
What will be the ultimate goal,
Of these creatures?

They talked all night, it was a wild debate,
They called their professors, they called their dads
And moms, they even called their exes.

"What should this world be?"

And one said, "To create beautiful music."

The other replied, "That's it."

"Yes, music, they will create music."

"But how do we get them to make music?"

"Hmm, we don't create much music on our planet."

Their world had little music, they had solved most of the problems,
They had the problem of death, but they solved it.
They never had the problem of war, they never had the problem
Of slavery or oppression. But sometimes, bad things happened,
Accidents they were called, and when those things happened,
The creatures did sing.

One said, "We will give them suffering, we give them the need for power,
We will give them needs they don't understand, we will give them war,
Slavery, oppression, natural disasters, and death, disease, fear of loss
And total loss."

The other replied, "Oh, that is good, they will make so much music."

"But they need more, hmm what."

They both thought;

"Let's give them love, deep penetrating love, when they see a random person
In this world, they will fall in love, and boom, they have love,
And they will feel like they can't live without that person.
It will tear them into pieces, they will have to sing and make music."

"Oh, my god, so good."

"But still, that is not enough. Let's give them families, some
Will have good nice families, some will have crazy families,
Some will have brothers and sisters and mothers die, let's
Give them so much pain, and the only way for the pain to escape
Their bodies, is by music.

They will sing and never stop singing.
And no matter how many problems they fix, new ones
Will show up in their place, it will be impossible for them
To ever finish off all the problems, even their own deaths
Will be viewed as a problem."

"But won't they just give up then?"

"No, let's give them, hmm, a thing, a piece of them,
That will not die, it will tell them, no matter what,
Things will get better, things will turn around,
Being alive is worth it."

"What do we call this thing that believes?"

"We will call it the hope. It will be this thing,
that cannot be destroyed,
No matter what happens, the hope will not die,
They will try to destroy hope, they will drink
And do drugs, they will force themselves
To be alone and suffer, they will try with all
Their might to destroy the hope inside them,
And some will try to destroy the hope in others,
They will enslave, they will oppress, incarcerate,
And some will even murder to destroy hope.
But the hope won't be able to be broken,
It will be the most indestructible substance
In their universe. And this is where the music
Will come from

The other creature smiled and said, "Yes, they will sing,
They will never stop making beautiful music, they
Won't be able to help themselves."

"Should we make them smart or stupid?"

"No, make them all different, it doesn't matter,
As long as they sing, as long as they make music,
And never stop."

After 1000s of years of simulated life,
The creatures put on an event
Where people from their planet
Could hear the music of these
Simulated earth people.

The creatures sat down,
Next to their mothers and fathers,
Next to their best friends,
Next to strangers, the president
Of the creatures sat with her son.

The two creatures came out
And gave an introduction speech,
How they created the simulation,
How many years it took,
How the people lived in the simulation,
What slavery and war was:
And the goal of the project.

After the introduction:

Music was played from the simulation:
After hours of music, each creature cried,
They felt joy, they learned of loss,
And redemption,
Then there was a question and answer:
A creature in the audience, a famous professor asked,
"But where did the music come from? How did
You program it to make such beautiful music,
Where did the sounds come from?"

The creature looked at the audience
"We gave them hope,
Every time something painful hit this substance
And tried to destroy it,
Sounds were made

A sensitive creature stood up and asked,
"But you've given them so much pain,
This program does horrible things to them,
How is it fair, how is this ethical?"

The audience went quiet,
The creature on the stage said,
"The goal is music, not ethics,
We have designed the program,
So no ethical system can triumph,
Only music triumphs."

The audience member replied,
"But how is that ethical?" The creature said quietly,
"It isn't ethical, it's musical."