a ski lift ride with your attorney

a map of all the honeysuckle bushes in your neighborhood

a walking tour as a birthday gift

an apricot stone with our initials carved into it

a vivaldian sentence

an encyclopedist

a kinetic tide—when two tides come from different directions and trap a boat in its place for years.

a puddle that reflects the ugly version

a faraway look

a paper trail

a writer who burns her stories and bakes the ashes into pies

a rule where every girl gets all her mother's clothes when she marries

a list of colors from Stanislav Lem's Solaris:
a pink curtain glowing brightly
a steel blue light
a warm glow of the red sun
a mist overhanging a black ocean
a blood red reflection
a crimson haze
a blue sun
a suntanned skin and a grey skin
a black pearly object

a chalky smell

a mountain, when you haven't seen a mountain before

a market where they squeeze the fruit's juice right into your mouth

a boy folding origami animals in the corner of the casino

a four way stop where everyone goes and crashes

a curtain that opens to another curtain

a lemon tree, a pearl onion, an engagement ring

a boy leaving his parents table at the restaurant to sit with other families

a train forever skidding on its breaks

a seagull riding the thermal waves in the air for 8 hours without flapping its wings once

a "useful melancholy"

a love that I would plant my flag on forever

a child detective

a child detector

a candlestruck, handshook, unhome

a ballet teacher who addresses the class as hogs and horses

a glamorous book

a long distance chess game where each player takes and sends a photo of the next move whenever they see a chess board in their daily life

a fetish where you stand above your husband as he reads your favorite book

a person who doesn't look like who they are

a boxer wringing the blood from a steak into a glass to drink during meetings

a classically trained person

a screaming dress, a dress for screaming in

a bird who flies around with the same piece of string

a hidden room in your house

a bank vault where you keep your perfume

a wine harvested by sheep, which involves them rubbing up against the vines with some sort of basket attached to them

a wine store that sells wine rescued from shipwrecks

a book that doesn't show up in photographs

a beauty pageant for cabbages

a game of basketball where players chain-smoke and flick their finished cigarettes into the hoop to get points

a concierge building a sandcastle in white opera gloves alone on a misty morning

a child who has a sleep mask made from two Best in Show ribbons

a stranger wiping his dog's mouth with your apology letter

a ghost that is a reflection of yourself.