be part of the unchanging collection of mass and energy in the universe

become manifest as a tiny foetus created out of the unchanging collection of mass and energy through the process of your parents having sex

get born

spend approximately 12 years vaguely experiencing things

spend approximately 4 years becoming aware of experiences

become self aware

start reading

spend time reading

feel for the first time a sense of not being part of the unchanging collection of mass and energy in the universe and slowly contemplate how this feeling is like what you've read about, that you are experiencing loneliness for the first time

feel lonely

spend time alone

find a book that allows you to dissociate fully from past conceptions of yourself

read that book many times

carry the book with you everywhere

buy a backpack

put the book in the backpack

try to become a character in the book

try to become the writer of the book

try to write exactly the same book but in your own voice and fail

feel frustrated and worthless

feel doubt

feel inconsolable doubt one night in particular

go for a walk

suddenly realise that you have confused your ability to read and enjoy or appreciate a book with your ability to write

make some money doing a job

start writing

slowly realise that you might be able to write something

join the internet

see many people writing

make a tumblr devoted to the books you read

gain 24 notes on a funny review of a book in which you compare reading the book to sipping on a can of diet coca cola

feel confident

feel funny

feel intelligent

feel sense of entitlement

spend full days in front of the internet

feel part of the ever-changing collection of information on your screen

get rejected by literary journals

make a blog post about how many times you have been rejected by literary journals

get 12 notes

feel depressed

feel jealous

feel inadequate

feel doubt and fear that you have come nowhere since you started writing

reach out to people on the internet

make an internet friend called elise

tell elise about your grandparents

read elise's emails about her earliest memories

travel to where elise lives to meet her

have lunch with elise

have sex with elise

spend 3 months doing things with elise

spend 1 day alone when elise returns to university

spend 1 afternoon messaging elise while she is at university

feel insecure

spend 1 night awake while elise lies next to you and decide you do not want to feel insecure

leave elise and go to your parents house

live with your parents for 3 weeks

go away for the weekend with old friends

return to the city

find an apartment

start a new tumblr

start writing about your experiences on the internet

start using the language of the internet to write

write a poem about twitter and use words like 'irl' in a way that is sincere in the sense that you use the word 'irl' all the time but also slightly ironic in that poetry is supposed to be a place where internet acronyms are not allowed

feel freed from convention

hand write a poem about the internet

read it 14 times in one day

decide that it is the best thing you've ever written, that everything else has lead up to this point, that it would be a good idea to delete all other poems you've ever written

delete old poems off hard drive

start writing a handwritten poem about the internet every day for 72 days

read them to your sister

laugh insecurely when your sister isn't amazed by your poems and say yeh maybe they're not that good but secretly think that your sister doesn't spend enough time on the internet and couldn't understand them

start taking pictures of your 72 handwritten internet poems and posting them online

start getting followers

get 215 new followers

get featured on #poetry on tumblr

receive 140000 notes in 24 hours

type up your 72 handwritten internet poems

get a friend from high school who has since become a successful graphic designer to help you lay the poems out in a design that is easily readable

collate the newly designed poems into a pdf and give it a title

the title should be '72 handwritten internet poems'

start sending the pdf to various small press publishers

start an excel spreadsheet that documents all the places you send your pdf

get 34 rejections

get an email while sitting on a toilet in a bar while drunk that says your pdf has been accepted by a publisher of online e books

be happy and relieved

read the email another two times

flush the toilet

tell your friends

promote your e book online

get interviewed by a few small literary blogs

get a girlfriend

start calling your girlfriend your partner

feel happy

feel good

feel anxious

feel dissatisfied

go for a walk one night and panic when you see a broken chessboard on the sidewalk

become obsessed with the fact a pawn in the game of chess doesn't have to move in the way it does, that it could move in any direction, that it could be replaced with any other material or shape, and that language and words are exactly the same and that your poems, your writing, are meaningless

watch your partner's disinterest in your existential crisis

watch you ruin your relationship


meet someone in india

come home

train to become a nurse

become a nurse

start working as a nurse in a hospital

feel sedated and part of the unchanging pile of mass and energy pulsating through the universe


get buried


become diffuse among various organic materials on earth

be there as a collection of diffuse organic materials when humanity ends

be there as a collection of diffuse organic materials when planet earth ends

explode outwards into space with planet earth

become diffuse among the various chemicals in the universe

become more and more dispersed

undergo unknowable transformations over unknowable lengths of time

for a brief time become part of the consciousness of some super intelligent life form

observe that all previous intelligent data on earth has been accumulated by this super intelligent life force

view your e book of poetry again amidst the troves of intelligent data

be there when the super intelligent life form disintegrates for a reason beyond your comprehension

become diffuse consciousness in the universe

become reduced entirely to hydrogen atoms floating billions of light years away from each other

spend many eternities doing unknown things

start vibrating rapidly

become infinitely fast and infinitely hot

end in a way that is, by definition, unknowable