My mother calls me
whiteShe says my body is tired
She's been crying all night
Insert ancestral images of bleeding
This dead air place
Moving unanswered questions
From room to room

I heard it in the sunshine
Standing there empty handed
Where is my tongue
where is my heart
where is my home

Maybe in the end lesbian witches will fix everything

you found a cicada
whiteensorceled in light
and put it in the green gay earth
a vegetablewhite trill
whitegoes thru me
i found a cicada
and put it in
the gay green earth
the rain pushes all the glyphosate
polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons down into the ground
we are
whitebecoming ultra light beams of love
whitei fear nature whiteher drowning
whitelust for my love
whiteCatching our blown out bodies
Singing our spell songs