4:47 PM me: my leg and hip pain intensified today, i feel crippled by hip pain instead of loneliness now, i'm seeing a doctor
 Zachary: thats funny
  a lot of buttons on m ky my keyboard dont work
4:48 PM like delete
 me: i want to be crippled by loneliness not hip pain
4:49 PM Zachary: thats funny
  i dont know
4:50 PM you hvave a thing
  like a war or cancer
  its different
  i donno
  ou know you will feel better or something
  dont you walike that
 me: i feel uncertain about the future of my hip, some part of me believes it will never get better
4:51 PM st vincent's hospital's website is 'fucking shitty'
4:52 PM Zachary: st vinecnent

5 minutes
4:57 PM me: i now know how people with amputated limbs or chronic pain from cancer feel like, i can write a chronic pain from war injuries post iraqi war novel now

5 minutes
5:02 PM Zachary: do you anticipate your book doing well because fo bulevima ebeing a social issue
5:03 PM me: yes, i think
  i mean
  i don't know
 Zachary: i feel like it will
 me: god
 Zachary: people will think it has social merit
  your book
 me: oh, good
 Zachary: like go ask allice
 me: what happens in it
  what is the social thing
 Zachary: its about drugs
5:04 PM me: i feel my book is really ultimately life affirming
  because the characters are trying to be good
  distinguishing it from other things that involve bulimia or something
 Zachary: i didnt mean ti wasnt that
5:05 PM me: i was just saying other stuff
 Zachary: i just meant for people that usually wouldnt like literary fiction for th reasons you or i would might like it for its social thing or something
 me: yes, i agree
 Zachary: fuck my keyboard
 me: i just thought 'it also has war in it' which isn't true
  i thought it had some war, like vietnam
 Zachary: i just chortled
5:06 PM i ogot second life yesterday i dont nknwo how to use it
  do you have second life
 me: it would be really funny if you wrote a vietnam war novel
  does it have graphics
 Zachary: yeah
  it looks like 2asfadsgsg 5 o r 8 years ago
 me: it sounds shitty, like i dont want to look at it
 Zachary: you get to make the girls take their clothes off
  and fly
  thats all i do
5:07 PM me: i heard you have to buy a penis
 Zachary: oh,
  i dont know

8 minutes
5:15 PM me: i think i'm going to get nyu alumni gym membership and swim regularly in tight swimming short things like the american apparel underwear

11 minutes
5:26 PM Zachary: good
  i want to swim