Oct 28
pretending my bike was a horse, was pre-empted by remembering how many times before i'd pretended inanimate objects were my friends lol

Oct 31
well. here it is, this moment, it has finally come, the moment when i tweet this: 'seems impossible to do anything'

Nov 2
guys the word 'stomachache' has the letters 'achache' like that in it

Dec 13
my dreams like.. have peaceful wild uninhabited places in them which makes me feel better about things i've said


Feb 19
phone draft: 'One of way si feel enlightened is thig that was referring away to other thing, other thing was original thing'

Jun 26
i wanna have good posture but also not seem approachable

Aug 4
i like how in anine hall she has to puff a puffa the indo before sje can fuck woody

Aug 17
Thot "one day god will come down... with his big dick"

Sep 2
egregiously understudied things: female genitalia, exactly how 2000 calories of mango is diff from 2000 calories of fried shrimp tempura

Oct 29
what kind of a thing is 'never change' to say to a person who is experiencing time


Jan 26
is there a rehab for ppl who are addicted to being flaky shitheads

Feb 4
conditional love is cool, good motivator

Feb 14
are crotchety old men autistic?

Mar 4
i feel happy listening to progressive talk radio style things on youtube

Mar 7
i dont carew about anything thats happened in the last 4000 years

Mar 13
the thing of being a hater is because of the insane amt of authority we given written words. i cant explain just trust me

Apr 24
im watching 'wetlands ' on netflix feels really safe, fesl warm and safe. im under two covers. feelin safe because of the mo ie

Apr 25
wanting someone to feel bad is violence?

May 1
Wish I was cockier and more arrogant

fuck nietzsche

May 12
thought 'i got some width on me boy crack the fuck up i got some fuckin width on me'

May 25
all my relationships seem abusive, u know what i mean guys

May 31
people from the islands: nicki minaj, rihanna, jean rhys

Jun 5
i now this is gonna sound new agey, but i believe more in magic than anything else

Jun 7
i want manifest mediavel time so hard that the rest of my life is like has the vibe of mediaiavel times

Jun 13
shout out to all the autistic mice out there

Jun 18
tfw you dont want something to happen and its happening

Jun 18
is there a feminie wor dlike 'fellow'

Jun 23
my inalienable right to believe in magic

Jun 30
what's autism?

autism's when you roll no less than 30 n words deep

Jul 15
spilled a bunch of water on my knee and thought 'i like being like this'

Jul 21
i can feel all my ancestors suffering in my dna

Jul 26
We should be allowed to kill each other for more reasons than self-defense

Aug 25
the wave particle duality seems funny

Sep 8
I don't care if my tweets make sense, i just like pressing the 'tweet' button, that's my favorite part of twitter hehehe

Sep 8
life is like 'yeah im bad but if you dont try to fix me ill keep being bad to all the generatiosn to come so you havse to try' seesm abusive

Sep 8
I know I should try harder to be successful but I like how timid and insanely afraid of failure I am seems cute

Sep 9
i'll become a nun and run off to the library to secretly tweet sometimes, go deep on a decades long undercover nun infiltration

Sep 9
I like how it feels when I feel desperate and expand my tendrils to seek a life line while drowning

Sep 9
I think I should do a podcast

Sep 11
Every time i say the word "now" i'm also talking about the national organization for women

Sep 21
If they could make the internet so u navigated it by commanding it and it told u stuff back, that would be better. Hurts my eyes tbh

Sep 29
Should I stick and poke a tear drop on my face? My parents went out of town

Sep 29
a combination of blaming society for my problems and acknowledging the part i play in them feels good

Oct 1
Joy Williams keepin it topical with a school shooting story love it

Oct 8
its weird how ppl are all children and get herded about like sheep and condescended to and then the same people are adults later

Oct 9
its fun to pretend real human faces have been animated when u watch videos

Oct 11
if you pretend you have antlers it's good for your posture

Oct 13
the community of christians my parents are in shows me kindness and care

Oct 20
sometimes i feel like i've had babies,
really tiny gnomes
that have crawl out and live in the world now somehwere

Oct 23
no mattrer what i do if i feel good for a while eventaulyl i fele bad

Nov 7
stuff comin out your vagina doesnt men your aroused its not equivalent to eraection

Nov 11
someone hit me hards with their car and i fell off my bike cocksuckers

Nov 12
there was a shotting on my parents street and now the neighbors have a puppy who howls and cries in the back yard all day

Nov 25
thought 'times gon come. im articulate, and im a slaughterhouse. better recognize'

Dec 10
im not a christian but i cant just block out everything they said to me as a child

Dec 14
in the morning instead of drinking a glass of water i want to pour a bucket of water all over myself in bed

Dec 15
did half an hour of yoga today where i laid on the floor as still as possible

Dec 23
wanna read a compilation of like 50 stories of ppl who got away with dishonestly getting a lot of money and live somewhere nice now

Dec 24
classic failure to secure resources that will ensure my survival

Dec 27
have to take more risks
many, many, many more risks

Dec 30
I want to feel calmer, like I'm in cult

Dec 31
moved back into my parents house in 2015