I woke up at 8:30 and thought “mmf” or something and went back to sleep. I woke up at 1:00 and downloaded songs from Frostwire and watched something on Hulu I think. At like 2:00 my mom said “I need your help” and then I went downstairs and there was a box of vegetables in the kitchen and she said “can you get the other box from the driveway,” and I went to the driveway and there was a box of fruit. I saw two things of strawberries and two things of blueberries and thought “mm” or something. I carried the box inside. My mom said “great, unload the dishwasher please.” I walked to the dishwasher and took things out of it and put them in places around the kitchen. Then my mom said “I'm going [somewhere that I don't remember], I'll probably be gone for an hour, please mow the lawn.” I made my face “fall.” I sat down on the stoop and made a sad face. She walked around me to get something. She walked back outside. “Do you want to do it in two hours,” she said sympathetically. “What difference does it make,” I said sadly after pausing dramatically. “Well...do you want to do just half of it,” she said. “Okay,” I said. She left. I went upstairs and got my iPod. I played the playlist called “dance.” The song “Rehab” by Amy Winehouse came on. I got the mechanical mower from like 1703 out of the basement and mowed half the lawn. I sweated. I stepped in dog shit. I put the mower away and took a shower while playing iTunes loudly. I sat down and watched things on Hulu. The phone rang. It was for my mom. I gave it to my mom. I wasn't wearing pants. “I'm not wearing pants,” I said. I got a yearbook that said “Fort Benton 1965” on it. I looked at my dad when he was a sophomore in high school and felt “sad and confused.” I looked at more pictures of my parents in high school. “Joyce Adcock,” I thought. I went on the computer. I watched the pilot of Glee on Hulu. I looked at Facebook. I went to Yahoo! Answers to get my point for logging in. I thought about food. I went into the kitchen. I looked at the things in the fridge. There was no bread in the kitchen. I wanted a peanut butter and jelly like in the pilot of Glee. I made pancakes using imprecise measurements and methods. Two of the pancakes were big and three were really little. At the end they tasted nasty. I watched a video on YouTube of the band Grizzly Bear being interviewed in a hotel room. Someone commented “Chris slept next to Ed, awww” or something.