"You're being a weasel right now."

"How am I being a weasel?"

"You're avoiding the question. Trying to weasel your way out of the question. Because you can't answer it. You can't even begin to answer it. Because you're talking out of your ass."

"What's the question? You asked ten questions while you were rambling on about—"

"Rambling? That's nice. That's a nice way to talk to your friend. If you think I'm just an idiot, why don't you just say that, so we can just stop. If you think I'm just stupid, you have no respect for me, why didn't you just start with that?"

"If you could listen, we could make progress in the conversation. You kept interrupting me, talking over me—"

"I never interrupted you—"

"You just did right there! You just did it, right there. Wow." (Clapping) "You just interrupted me. This is just amazing. Wow, and you won't acknowledge it. You won't acknowledge it. Watch, you won't."

"I wasn't interrupting you, if you say something I don't agree with—"

"Acknowledge it. Acknowledge it."

"Acknowledge what?"

"Acknowledge that just as I was saying you interrupted me, you interrupted me."

"I'm not gonna acknowledge that."

"Wow. Wow. Bravo dude."

"Because you're here, you're spewing a bunch of random tidbits, not backed up by anything—"

"No, I think you just don't know what to do when you're presented with facts. I think you get scared, and start pretending I'm avoiding your questions, when—"

"I don't get scared. You think I'm scared of you? Not scared of you."

"You're clearly scared of facts you don't know how to deal with. I've shown you the data. It's undeniable. It's from the FBI."

"And do you know how they collect that data? What methodologies they use?"

"Okay, so at that point you're basically saying we can't know anything. We can't discuss anything at that point. Is that what you're saying?"

"That's not what I'm saying. Coward. Coward. Coward."

"You said that unless I know how they got the data—"

"Yes, coward! Yes! How can you pretend to make decisions about policy—"

"I'm not making decisions about policy. Am I in a position to make calls about policy? Am I a politician? Am I?"

"You could be, the way you slip and slide through conversations like this. You know, you've always been like this. You're a dishonest person, Sid. You're a dishonest guy."

"Why does it always have to get so personal with you? I think you have an anger problem you need to figure out."

"Personal, not personal. I'm telling you the truth. No one else is gonna say it to you. You need to get help."

"I think you need help. One second we're talking politics, next second it's something about how I'm a bad guy."

"Yeah. Yeah. Because you don't engage in the conversation, in an honest way. You don't wanna talk. It's so obvious what motivates your views."

"Oh yeah, what's that. What's that, Jim."

"Fear. Fear. You're a scared guy. Scared, nervous. You should make sure your nervous system isn't damaged. You play it cool, but every, little, disagreement, sends you into fight or flight! It's just words, Sid! It's not gonna hurt you!"

(Laughs) "I can't believe this. What are we doing right now, are we trying to have this barbecue?"

"Yeah, great tactic. Make me seem like I'm crazy. Act like you just wanted a friendly conversation. It's sad. You're so predictable."

"Screw this. You're impossible. You're like a kid, who—"

"I'm like a kid, I'm like a kid?! Coward, slime." (Kicks over grill)

"What the f—? What the f—"

"F— it!"

"Burgers are ruined. Burgers are ruined. Hotdogs are ruined."

"F— them!" (Walking off, barbecue guests staring) "I'm driving home, f—t!"

"Nice, real nice! Twenty burgers. Twenty burgers!" (To wife, who has hurried over) "Honey, can you get everyone's orders again. Gonna have to redo everything. Never mind what happened. I'll tell you later, get everyone's orders! F—. Gonna have to redo it all now."