in a mountain somewhere
in west texas
they're building a clock
that will be running
in 10,000 years
after we've all died
and there are only nomadic tribes
eeking out a life in the post
apocalyptic orange waste
there will be a complex mechanism
composed of bronze gears and
silicone ball bearings counting time
in a mountain in western texas
and occasionally triggering
a set of bells to chime
they're building a clock
to tell the future
that we were here and
that we care about it
and what time it is
i'm writing a poem for the
first time in months
to tell you about this clock
that will make our world
slightly more like riven
the sequel to myst
the at the time omnipresent
and widely acclaimed
exploration game
developed by cyan worlds
for windows 98
which was too difficult
for myself or anyone i knew
and which i eventually
set aside for the sims
but not until after days
had been spent staring
wide eyed at structures
with no apparent purpose
and clicking manically
in the hopes of uncovering more
revelations about this world
so unlike our own
i'm not sure
that i want tomorrow to know
that i existed or that i was like this
but here i am writing a poem
about this clock in a mountain
somewhere in west texas
i guess what i'm trying to say is
that the only art i care about
is trying to last forever and
to make this world a little more
like the games of my childhood