then woke up and turned it off, 'went to bed'

dreamed / dreampt / dreamt that i had somehow stopped being in a relationship with / living with jamie and instead was in a relationship with / living with this somewhat obese italian type young woman

it seemed as though we lived in the 'country' to some degree

'i suppose' you and hipsterrunoff lived with us also

hipsterrunoff was black, and barack obama-esque

neither of us really liked him

we were on a 'trail' in the woods, i think i had a bike but 'was not riding it'

i think we went to a 'chain restaurant' 'a la t.g.i. friday's'

i like, took you aside to talk

and said something like 'why did i... leave jamie for [new person's name]'

you said '[jamie] is too beautiful for you'

(strange thing to say, right? i mean she's beautiful, but, seems strange)

so that was weird

other things were said

then the group formed again

and my 'new girl' was like 'crying'

we were on the 'outdoor trail' again

it was kind of weird

felt pretty bad during the dream

was extremely relieved after waking up to realize that it was 'only a dream'

just finished watching election / eating a salad / eating a bagel with cream cheese / drinking coffee with sugar and vodka

feel pretty good about the future / life in general