scoliosis kind of sounds like a disease of the skull

but it's a disease of the spine

my girlfriend says that i'm a dolphin

because of my scoliosis


i remember in middle school i learned that i had scoliosis

and we thought that maybe i would have to wear a brace thing

and i told my mom that if i had to wear a brace thing then she would have to get me a nintendo 64

and she seemed okay with that


last summer i bought a nintendo 64 on ebay

it came with a few crappy games

my roommate brought goldeneye 64 from his parents house

and we played goldeneye 64 sometimes

he was a lot better than me, so it wasn't that much fun

in the spring i moved to a new apartment and left the nintendo 64 in my old apartment

i haven't talked to my old roommate, don't know what happened to the nintendo 64