Once upon a time there was a hummingbird who was so lonely because he couldn't find anyone to love him

Nobody wanted to be his friend since he had plucked all his feathers and covered himself in shit to be one with nature
So he set off to find a sunset that had been around since the start of time
in hopes that the sunset could love him

He walked through time but the sunset kept changing and was in love with the stars
and was much too various to love him
So he gave up

And thought maybe a flower could love him
A flower with dark purple leaves and a yellow center
But the flower didn't like that the hummingbird
white was covered in shit

The flowers only liked other beautiful flowers

The hummingbird was sad because he couldn't find anyone to love him in his shit covered state

So he kept walking through the dark black forest looking for someone to love him

He asked the ladybugs will you be my friend will you love me

But they were busy trying to obtain happiness and had no time for shit covered friendship

The hummingbird started to sing a william blake poems to himself

" mutual fear brings peace
Till the selfish loves increase
Then Cruelty knits a snare,
And spreads his baits with care"

white The hummingbird lays on the forest floor weeping and stares at the sky praying to the ministry of gay angels to help him find someone other than himself to help with the ontological suffering

The pink light of the sky covers the hummingbird he is covered in the ash of the sky
whiteReader in conditions like this we would call this a rebirth

white The hummingbird healed by the sky ventures thru the black forest
whiteSearching his body saturated with the echo of the sky's love

He walks thru a field of singing lilacs
He walks thru a field of praying doves
He walks thru a field of somber sunflowers
Finally reader ..
He comes to a swamp with a pink dolphin who seems to have the power to summon infinite moons
white The dolphin invites him to sit down he knows the hummingbird is tired he's been waiting for this self fragilization his whole life
white The dolphin offers the hummbird to enter his hole and he will suck off all the shit and dirt and leaves
white The hummingbird is afraid but wanting to be bathed in the holy light of love he enters the hole of oblivion
The pink dolphin swallows the hummingbird and dissolves him into his body creating a new form of noncommunicable sweetness and then vanishes from this world white only leaving behind a night sky petunia that appears every wednesday white at midnight to seven lucky people in a field if you get the coordinates in your dreams.