Sep 12
im as sad as britney spears is, do you guys understand

Sep 24
i really want to 'expand' or 'raise' my consciousness thing but i... like... i'm so retarded...

Oct 2
i guess its because of the government that technology isnt like as magical as it could be yet like you cant summon objects

Oct 2
seems pretty how rappers call nine millimeter handguns 'ninas'. they dont do other pretty stuff usually like that

Oct 7
i wanna be working class but like in the mediaeval sense

Oct 10
thought 'oh you went to starbucks and got yourself a fucking smoothie? you and who's army?' at a cop who was walking slowly in front of me

Oct 21
seems i expect the whole 9/11 thing to blow over and things to get back to normal, like how the 00s were supposed to feel okay

Oct 23
i keep trying to think a word that is a combination of 'fandango' 'badonkadonk' and the big sean 'boing' sound

Oct 25
how you say 'im gonna come' like a warning but for me it like helps me come to say that, tried to think 'im gonna fall asleep' like that

Oct 28
one time at dinner w parents when like 14 or something i thrust my hand in my soup to show... frustration

Nov 6
called police, asked for officers name who left message on my phone, man came, i said 'it was a woman,' he said 'oh yeah my sister hold on'

Nov 19
woody allen's personal life seems fine

Nov 29
'squirting' is just peeing right

Dec 13
there is a feeling i sometimes have that i have an especial lot on twitter of being grated by a kind, retarded giant over a salad

Dec 31
i think don cheadle's name is 'don cheadle "cheadle" cheadle'


Jan 17
someone should rap about moving weight but be meaning digestion

Jan 17
want to talk about how i didnt take care of sheba my dog from ages 10-18

Feb 9
me and my roommates strange, frightening 'pet' dont seem to have any life goals

Feb 28
we're all gonna get fat like wu tang

Mar 1
six bagels, two days

Mar 6
felt part of me trying to think 'my life is just like seinfeld' on purpose to punish diff part

Mar 8
feels like my parents are heckling me when i interact with them

Mar 10
ive been inside a blanket fort playing sims 3 since thursday night

Mar 10
running low on toast

Mar 27
imagined myself as woody allen telling a girl, 'im just stopping everything, all of the things, im doing none of it,' gesturing

Apr 8
everyone who had sex with me from the back before i had acne on my back lucked out imho

May 1
heard a man call 'hey ruth-- thanks for trimming the hydrangea!' from a backyard

May 28
outside the rain dripped from the trees but not from the sky and i smelled peonies

May 29
effin foggy out there

Jun 4
what does rick ross think a bag of money looks like

Jun 11
dreamt i was walking outside wearing only a shirt trying to use my mannerisms to avoid being spoken to

Jul 5
if you ever like whats vik doin im out here suckin everybodys dick i can find

Aug 13
your bike breaks and you put the bike chain back and it works again so maybe there's something like that where you won't die

Aug 13
this is probabl the 11th or 12th time we've had the internet between apocalpses

Aug 14
not sure while learning the alphabet i understood how / that i would use it a lot.......................

Sep 6
can someone like interact with my parents for me, for example tell them i'm 'taking a semester off' if you will and make up an income tale

Sep 6
a tale of two incomes if you will

Sep 7
i cant believe we have to keep peeing, we can't point to our body of pee work throughout our life, we have to keep peeing again and again...