My mom says last night Kent started doing his laundry at 8PM. She says Kent built a stack of dirty clothes as tall as a Christmas tree. My mom says when she went upstairs for bed Kent was still doing laundry. My mom says she told him to go to bed. My mom says she fell asleep. She woke up at 4AM. She says the hallway light was on. She was scared. She thought my dad was awake.

She went downstairs. Kent was still doing laundry. She told Kent to go to bed. He said “I tried to, I took two Ambien but you made me wake up and eat dinner.” My mom said “You made a frozen pizza, you were awake when I asked if you wanted something to eat. I have nothing to do with that.” Kent said “I tried to take another pill but you made me do my laundry.” My mom said “I have nothing to do with that.” My mom told Kent to go to bed. She walked upstairs. She didn't fall asleep until 7AM. Kent walked upstairs. My mom was hot so she took off her sheets. Her butt was hanging out. She rolled over and saw Kent at her door. He said “I didn't know you were sleeping. Did I leave my credit card in here?” She said “No”. Kent walked downstairs.

At 8AM my mom heard a cat crying. She says “I ran downstairs like hell." She says it was Kent's cat. My mom asked Kent “What are you doing?” Kent said “I'm making a doorknob. Mine broke.” My mom asked “What happened to the cat?” Kent said “He got stuck behind a box.” My mom walked into the kitchen. She gave our cat Tyson an insulin shot. Kent walked into the kitchen. He asked for a rag. My mom asked “What for?” Kent said “My cat is covered with shit and blood.” My mom asked “Did you hurt him?” Kent said “He must have cut his paw under the bed. Once a month the cat has a freak-out. I don't hurt my animals.”

My mom says Kent's bed was off the frame. She says “Kent probably gets off on hurting the cat.” Kent washed his cat off in the sink. Kent took a knob off another door and put it on his door. Kent left his cat outside his room. My mom says she tried to push the cat into Kent's room. She says the cat started hissing at her. Then the dog came up behind her and started to growl. My mom yelled for Kent. She said “I don't want the cat in my house, it's wet and covered with shit and blood.” Kent came out of his room. He said “Why do you have to yell at the cat? You”ll upset him.” My mom tells me Kent is asleep now. She says Kent is always blaming her for everything.