In elementary school I remember there being a separate class for kids that looked extremely different than the kids I was in class with

When I passed the kids that looked really different in the hallway I observed that a lot of them didn't walk or talk but made groans/wails and were wheeled around

I remember we could volunteer to go read to this class

I was always afraid to read to them because I thought they would bite or drool on me. I thought about it every week when my teacher would ask for a volunteer and I became horrified of those kids

In middle school gym, one of them was integrated in with my class

The gym teacher introduced Kary and her teacher to us

Kary had her own teacher wherever she went which seemed weird to me because we all shared one

When we played kickball Kary sang the Vonage jingle and galloped to different bases when she felt like it

One day I asked to go use the bathroom during language arts and while walking there I saw Kary walking towards me without her teacher

Kary was wearing a small computer around her neck that helped her to talk

I nervously said "hi, where are you going Kary?" and she looked at my face while contorting hers

Kary took the computer from around her neck and began wailing quietly and then her wailing grew and she threw her computer at the ground and I ran away