went to Kent, Ohio for a college orientation in June 2011

visited Brittany Wallace's apartment with Jordan Castro after the first day of orientation at Kent State University

Brittany and her roommate were talking about going to buy "bath salts"

Jordan and I expressed interest in what they were

they explained that it comes in several forms, coke, ecstasy and acid

they said each form was not the actual drug but a synthetic form

I went on a car ride with her roommate to a local head shop that was open until around 2AM to buy bath salts

I remember giving him my debit card and him buying Jordan and I each one pill of the ecstasy bath salts

it came in capsule form inside a little circular case that was similar to what eye shadow comes in

back at the apartment Jordan and I decided to save the pills for the next day of orientation and went back to the dorms to sleep

the next morning I woke up and went to the bathroom

I opened the capsule and ate a small portion of the contents

I went to the dining hall and began to feel the effects soon after, which felt similar to Adderall in how I felt "speedy" and similar to pure MDMA with its euphoria and color-vividness

it felt hard to sit through speeches and group activities

found myself staring at peoples faces a lot with intense interest

Jordan's mom showed up at the orientation eventually and I remember feeling "thrilled" to see her and talking a lot to her about what we did

I felt no depression or anxiety with the comedown

would estimate that the drug effects lasted for ~6 hours that day

unsure if high school graduation was a few days later or the following day

but Jordan and I had saved the rest of our bath salts for graduation

I remember eating a significantly larger portion of the capsule before my mom drove me to where the ceremony was being held but still saving some for when we arrived

I started panicking mildly in the car on the way there because my heart was beating really fast

I remember feeling really anxious while waiting outside of where graduation was being held because of wanting to see Jordan and ask him if his heart felt the same way

while waiting for Jordan I saw a friend of mine's dad

this dad is always very outgoing

the dad yelled my name and smiled really big and kissed my cheek and I felt as though I needed to escape

the dad started talking a lot

I knew my face looked really red so I said I was going to get water

the dad somewhat forcefully grabbed my arm and led me into a bar and bought me a bottle of water

I said thank you and ran to the bathroom

I stared at my face in the mirror and thought about how someone should really redesign cap and gowns

I felt as though I would be a success and become rich if I did so

I focused on slowing my breathing and chugged the water

I opened my purse and saw the rest of the bath salts had spilled inside a pocket

I turned the pocket of my purse slightly inside out and licked the contents out then laughed at myself

I left the bathroom and saw Jordan outside

Jordan had a shit-eating grin on his face

I said that I was scared and didn't like how intense I felt and that I didn't know what to do with myself

Jordan said something like "you have to 'handle it' and enjoy it"

I began to feel less nervous and convinced myself that "no one had ever died of bath salts"

Jordan and I talked really fast and intensely

seems my eyes were really wide open and around this time I could not stop smiling

occasionally I would laugh uncontrollably at students that I saw with their parents while thinking "holy shit those are their parents"

once inside I took at least 3 trips to the bathroom to drink more water

colors started looking really appealing

when I walked I really made an effort to try to look at everything

I felt really content and like I wanted to explore

I eventually went to my seat for the ceremony and remember staring at the curtains really wanting to touch them and take a picture of how the light reflected off of them

I remember staring at people's faces for extended periods of time not caring if they noticed

I remember the principal quoting Katy Perry during her speech and me trying unsuccessfully to conceal my laughter

I remember it seeming surreal that someone's name would be called, and they would walk across the stage, and that i had been around these people for years

I remember paying a lot of attention and feeling interested in how girls chose to wear their hair and what shoes they wore

I remember feeling blissful that I would not have to be in that situation again

now seems really embarrassing that I stopped in line while shaking teacher's hands while exiting the stage and telling my geometry teacher he was "the best teacher I have ever had"

remember some girl that I barely knew anymore wanting to take a picture with me, and me convincing her mom to climb to the top of a stair case to get a "birds eye view"