Dec 3
was congratulated for starting a twitter with a steak dinner by candlelight

Dec 10
bags of live ladybugs are on sale at the hardware store


June 25
found my twitter password on a small piece of paper.


Feb 13
referred to prayer as "unshattering myself"

Mar 3
yesterday my acupuncturist said she was going to "move my ghosts around."

Mar 23
just saw a horse giving birth on a farm next to the freeway

Apr 12
as a child I used to "shoot lasers" at my embarrassing moments, in order to erase them from the memories of others

May 30
recently remembered that a friend in elementary school would often make me hide under her bed while she fed me Boston Baked Beans.

Jul 26
googled "what to wear when jumping out of a plane" because I am jumping out of a plane tomorrow

Sep 25
I feel calm when I imagine a small door appearing nearby that leads to a random room or non-room somewhere else

Oct 8
filling all the rooms with light

Oct 28
person who doesn't look like who they are

Nov 3
wow Avril Lavigne on Christian radio

Nov 6
i was so excited to write that i galloped across the room to my computer

Dec 17
my acupuncturist gave me love advice, pinched and wiggled my cheeks, then poured salt and mugwort into my bellybutton and lit it on fire

Dec 22
Borscht Queen


Feb 17
hiding under the table

Mar 12
when she was a little girl, my mother ate plaster off the wall until the house painters told her that they'd "put her in a plastic bag and throw her in the river" if she did it again

Mar 31
listening to doorbell sound effects while lying on the couch motionless

Sep 18
wonderful day because someone told me that the aurora borealis makes a very soft crinkling twinkling sound

Dec 2
putting a post-it that says "don't withdraw" on the door as a reminder to not withdraw

Dec 2
learned about three new birds by sitting on a bench for a long time


May 6
today is my birthday so I went to see the oldest living tree in Maryland, a 302-year-old White Oak. Here are its coordinates: 39°01'22"N 77°06'08"W

May 16
walk around the pond went from jolly to horrific after noticing large glistening snakes in all the trees

Dec 30
at the post office today, employees lightly touching each other's shoulders, soft music from the back room... became flustered and bought extra stamps


Feb 1
Made snow creatures (bunnies, dog, blob figure with eyes) with some children but one kept taking them because he "needed them for his nuclear bomb"...

Feb 4
our quails are speckled and look like dried leaves except for one dear silver button quail who's quiet and lays blue eggs and they all hate her

May 31
the UPS man doesn't know that when he drives down the street and makes my dogs bark that all the stringed instruments in the living room resonate and fill the room with tinny echoes

Jun 1
Maserati with "end ptsd" plates

Sep 13
Strewn seed at the bird feeder created an unintentional pumpkin patch

Oct 12
a child described a short woman as being the height of "my mom with her head chopped off"

Nov 20
a nun I work with has a backpack filled with dove chocolates

Dec 13


Jun 11
rolled down a hill for the first time

Jul 14
emailed a nun to tell her I'd arrive "mid-morning, 10" to which she replied "Good, we will expect you late in the morning"

Jul 27
Deciding to begin my social phase

Oct 7
Putting on my armor for Despair Season

Oct 19
Life is neither tragedy nor comedy but a holy third thing

Nov 5
Befriended a group of children simply by walking down the street with a dog and an armful of flowers

Nov 29
forgot that I picked a handful of parsley a few weeks ago, and put it in my coat pocket...

Dec 11
I sneezed and someone through the floor vent blessed me


Mar 31
My former health insurance provider sent me an invitation to a spring time "carnival-style event," involving "safe archery"

May 7
Told Jordan that today is Brahms's 190th birthday and he said "aww"

July 1
Baffled by beauty!

Sept 15
Trying to remedy my "feverishness after any social interaction" with beet juice (suggestion from my very extroverted father)

Sept 19
Read nemesis as mimesis and was struck by the similarity

Oct 13

Nov 4
Amped and fragile

Dec 19
Had a sharp and sudden memory of a thin space between two buildings in Fort Myers, FL

Dec 19
Matters of the wind!


Jan 27
Silently confronting how this world bends towards death, I was interrupted by the desire to go to the hermit crab races in Lakewood, OH to watch the winning crab cross the finish line

Mar 23
Villana de'Botti (Italy, 1332-1361) "She led a life of extravagance until one night, dressing for a party, she saw in the mirror the face of a demon rather than her own, and became a nun"

Apr 1
I'm exhausted by my own good mood

Apr 12
Earlier this week, while giving my father a piano lesson, I saw my first butterfly of the year—a pearl crescent—through the window