walked to 'fern rock transportation center'
unzipped wallet, saw 75 cents
slid card in and out of atm
saw 'out of service, see operator' on screen

walked to 'olney transportation center'
heard approaching black man say words to me including 'coffee'
through headphones' music
furrowed my brow and kept walking


walked into dunkin donuts
looked at a girl's face, which smiled
approached her

'can i have a medium coffee, and can you guys add a shot of espresso' i said making an anguished facial expression

'yeah' said the girl
'medium coffee with espresso shot. one ninety eight' she said
'do you guys do cashback' i said
'no, sorry' she said
leaned against an orange pillar near a window in the wall
through which i saw that a black man mopped,
and an asian man handed people brown paper bags

people with brown paper bags left dunkin donuts
'are you waiting for something?' said the black man who mopped
'yeah, a medium coffee with a shot of espresso' i said, moving towards him
'a medium coffee with a shot of espresso?' he said loudly

'hot coffee right' he said
'yeah' i said
'hot!' he said loudly
'sorry here it is' said a girl

inside a chinese food store,
a different atm screen mentioned a $1.50 fee
and the atm dispensed four $5s


in 'olney transportation center'
walked to three machines that stood
near construction workers that sat

the first token machine wouldn't accept the $5
the second token machine wouldn't accept the $5

'because of the construction workers,'
'quickly' put the $5 into the third machine: a change machine

which gave me five gold dollar coins
saw 'this machine does not accept change' on each token machine

shook my head a little
and mumbled something


walked towards a glass window
a man said 'how you doin'
furrowed my brow and kept walking
noticed i only had four gold dollar coins
dropped three under the glass window
the woman behind the glass window gave me a transfer
i pushed through the turnstile


walked towards the stairs
heard a woman said 'excuse me'
i turned and she moved in front of me
saw her say 'excuse me' to another woman going down the stairs
who turned
and the first woman moved in front of her