Everything is Totally Fine by Zac Smith

Stories. December 2021. 152 pages, paperback, perfect bound.

A collection of weird, surreal, inventive stories ranging from six sentences to eight pages. Animals in this book include ants, mice, birds, dogs, octopuses, sharks, whales. Settings include kitchens, bathrooms, camping grounds, gas stations, graveyards, rocket ships, golf courses. Activities include driving, converting files, setting things on fire, eating pizza, showering, planking, and visiting the White House.

"Stories that will surprise you again and again with touching revelations about the lonely insanity of our world. Refreshingly bold and insane."
—Mark Leidner, author of Returning the Sword to the Stone

"Apocalyptic fire, gnostic world-hatred and the philosophy of futility reveal themselves in mundane absurdities and banalities. Zac Smith shows us that we're still not nihilistic enough; we're still too hopeful. This book sends out dark but mirthful energy waves into the night."
—Lars Iyer, author of Nietzsche and the Burbs

Zac Smith is the co-author of Two Million Shirts (2021) and the author of 50 Barn Poems (2019). Follow him on Twitter.

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